Grade 8 Girls Take the Lead

Three Grade 8 girls are using their lunch hour to put leadership in action. Isabella Holt, Christina Chwyl and Michelle Wood started a lunchtime group for Grade 6 girls, giving the older students a chance to mentor their younger counterparts. So far, lunchtime activities have included baking, watching movies and making crafts.

The Grade 8 girls initiated the program to give students something to do at lunch, but the hour-long sessions have turned into a much more valuable experience.

“The group is a way for the girls to get to know each other,” says Christina. “We get to connect to with others we wouldn’t ordinarily,” adds Isabella.

The number of girls who attend varies, but approximately 20 Grade 6 girls join the sessions each week.

Three Middle School boys have also started a similar mentorship program. Jonty Considine, Liam Maclure, and James Keech regularly conduct a lunchtime sports session for Grade 6 boys. Pick-up soccer and basketball are usual activities.

So far both programs have been successful and all participants are enthusiastic.

“It’s fun for us too, we really enjoy it,” says Christina.


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