First Scholar in Residence Visits SMUS

This week SMUS had the honour of welcoming Tony Quainton ’42-’44, a Distinguished Diplomat in Residence at American University in Washington, DC. Mr. Quainton spent three days on campus speaking to classes and gave a public lecture at Copeland Theatre on Wednesday night.

Mr. Quainton is the former United Sates Ambassador to Kuwait and Nicaragua and former Director of Office for Combating Terrorism.

He began his education at St. Michael’s School and went on to graduate from Andover Academy and then attended Princeton University where obtained a Humanities degree in history, followed by a Bachelor of Literature from Oxford University. He has written several books on terrorism including Reinforcing America’s Message: America’s dialogue with the World (2007).

The Quainton family has a long history with the school. Mr. Quainton’s uncle was at one time Dean of Chapel and wrote the school hymn and his father taught briefly at St. Michael’s.

In Mr. Quainton’s thought-provoking evening lecture, titled “Why do they Hate Us? Modern American Foreign Policy,” he discussed the then and now of the world’s relationship with the US.

“In the 40s, Canada and the US were doing it together,” Quainton said. “Nobody could even imagine that question of hating the U.S., because we were all good and good together.”

Students and faculty asked more than 45 minutes of questions, thoroughly appreciating Mr. Quainton’s insightful views on war, politics and foreign affairs.


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