School-wide Assembly Caps off Busy Term with a Spirited Finale

With over 900 students, it’s rare to be able to get all of the SMUS population under one roof, but last Friday’s all-school assembly saw all students from kindergarten to Grade 12 gathered together with faculty, staff and parents to celebrate the Christmas season and the end of the school term.

The kindergarten students were each paired up with a Grade 12 student for the day, and all the students from the Junior School took part in the fun. The Grade 3 class dressed up as complaining reindeer to perform a rap song, and Grade 5 students sung “Somewhere in My Memory” from the movie Home Alone. The prefects performed a hilarious skit about striking reindeer and the twelve days of Christmas, to the delight of their young and old audience members, which featured Head Boy Michael van der Westhuizen being pulled by eight of his classmates on a wagon.

The assembly also gives teachers and staff a chance to perform for their students. This year, staff put on a Bondesque skit centred around Peter Mcleod as ‘Coldfinger,’ a villain that freezes ‘Bob Snowden’ during his mission speech, ‘Rev. Kevin Fletcher’ in the middle of his chapel exercises, and Sam Skulsky during rugby practice.

“The Twelve Days of Christmas,” the traditional end to the school-wide assembly, is a rousing rendition that has each grade contribute a verse. An extra last verse is written and sung by the teachers, who must compete with the students in their goal to be the loudest.

Enjoy this video presentation of the school-wide assembly prepared by Middle School teacher George Floyd as the SMUS Review signs off for 2007. Happy holidays to all our SMUS family members and we look forward to seeing you again in 2008.

Video Highlights


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