Middle School Students Perform in Aladdin Jr.

Grade 6 students Cimarron Langois and Lindon Carter are currently performing in Kaleidoscope Theatre’s Christmas production of Disney’s Aladdin Jr. This Tuesday, the entire Junior School went to the McPherson Playhouse to watch the two Middle School students perform in the production, which has a cast of about 40 people.

Cimarron gives us a peek behind the curtains with her report of being part of a theatre company:

by Cimarron, Grade 6

I have been in six professional productions with Kaleidoscope Theatre and this is one of the best! We opened at the McPherson on December 7 and have been running thirteen shows since. Considering the little time we had together as a cast, we have put a wonderful show into action. This year’s Christmas production of Aladdin Jr. is full of great songs and dance numbers.

Sabrina is the costume designer and has done an amazing job! Behind the scenes (backstage) Marni helps out with our costumes. She sews everything that needs to be fixed. By the time we move into the theatre, everyone is so close together and has a great time. The cast and crew must be at the theatre an hour before curtain call. We do a physical and vocal warm-up, test the microphones, change into our costumes, put on our makeup and are called to places.

We have moms backstage that help keep us quiet. During the show (when we are not on stage) we keep busy by playing Cheat, Split and other card games. During intermission, most of the cast goes into the boys’ change room and witnesses a rap battle. (This takes place every show!) We vote for the winner and once again are called to our places.

Leslie Bland, the director, posts the notes for improving our next performance on the bulletin board. We continue our routine and seem to be gradually getting better and better each time.


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