Christmas Carols Ring out at SMUS

From last Friday’s carol service to the primary concert at the Junior School, SMUS has been getting into the spirit with a lot of holiday songs. Last week, our youngest students were able to show off their singing abilities while spreading a festive feel to their grandparents and other special guests.

The Junior School students gave a special afternoon concert for their grandparents, relatives, and visitors from local seniors’ centres before their formal performance on Thursday evening.

The Kindergarten class and the Grade 1 class each performed two songs, with the Grade 1 students donning feathery tails for “The Christmas Turkey Dance.” The Grade 2 students presented a fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm and the Grade 3 students ended their segment with “The Reindeer Rap,” which they also presented at the all-school assembly.

The Primary Choir began with “Silent Night” before going on to less well-known holiday songs, which they performed in four languages. They sang “Yuki” in Japanese and “Petit Papa Noel” in French, and sang one song while doing sign language.

Friday, the Middle School and Senior School held their annual carol service, which has a long history at the school as an event filled with words and songs.

“This season is filled with gatherings,” said Rev. Kevin Fletcher in introducing Friday’s festivities. “We come together for concerts. We meet with friends over great food. We take the opportunity both to gather with those closest to us and to reconnect with those we see only occasionally.” 

The evening, held at Christ Church Cathedral, featured five choirs and two brass ensembles. The Middle and Senior School ensembles took turns playing the songs throughout the service and the Grade 6, Grade 7, Grade 8, Senior and Chamber choirs all shared the stage and performed fantastically, along with their audience.

The student reflections on the themes of advent were a highlight of the evening. Four small groups of students examined hope, joy, love and peace, relating them to current events and historical truths.

Nancy Richards also brought the themes of advent to the Junior School, by lighting the advent wreath and explaining the meaning behind each candle during their school sing-alongs this week.

And the Junior School held their own carol service last night, another annual event in which families come together to celebrate and reflect on the season.


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