The Ivy Grows

Though the school paper, The Ivy, has been around since 2001, in recent years it had fallen into obscurity. This year, we aimed to produce more issues on a regular basis, as well as to amp up the exposure. Armed with this desire to make The Ivy what it was designed to be, this year’s team of reporters and editors strove to put out the first issue of the Ivy a mere six weeks into the school year.

To raise awareness of the big day, we sent out a first page “teaser” of the first issue in PDF form to staff and students. Members took on the job of being newsies, and distributed issues throughout the day. The first issue turned out to be a hit in many ways. We ran out of all 250 copies.

People were especially intrigued by the teacher’s trivia crossword at the back, which promised a package of Purdy’s Hedgehogs to the student who could link each teacher with his or her respective bit of trivia. There were articles covering the various aspects of school life, such as the dance, boarding life, cancer fundraisers, and drama events. Also found in the first issue were articles dealing with student concerns, such as sports, fashion, and art.

The purpose of the Ivy is to be the voice of the student community. The articles are written by students for students, and cover topics that range from informative news items to opinion pieces. Each issue is a collection of witty, interesting articles to read, that reflect the breadth and depth of the student body at SMUS.

Whether you pick up The Ivy to check out local news, read opinion articles, find out Dr. Love’s (and there are two this year) take on relationships, scan the horoscopes section, or merely reflect on times gone by, there is something for everyone. And if you can’t find that something, send in your opinions! We want to hear what you have to say.

Terry Kho
Editor-in-Chief of the Ivy


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