Middle School Ready for Recitations

After last week’s spectacular performances from the Senior School, the Grade 7 and 8 students presented their own memorized works in their Communication Skills classes. The Middle School students were able to pick a poem to recite, perform it for their class and possibly be chosen to present their piece in chapel next week.

In Mrs. Tait’s Grade 7 class, competition was stiff between her 14 students. The selections ranged from “O Captain! My Captain!” by Walt Whitman to “Do It Anyway” by Mother Theresa. Though this was their first official performance, the students had been studying the art of oration and had an opportunity to practice in front of their peers.

“The first unit of Communication Skills in the Middle School is dedicated to learning how to communicate effectively using voice,” says Mrs. Tait. “We did exercises around how to enunciate clearly, project, use tone and how to convey meaning and emotion through voice.” In addition to performing, the students also voted for their favourite orators, narrowing it down to three choices for Mrs. Tait.

Three students chose to perform the poem “Totally like whatever, you know?” by modern poet Taylor Mali, including finalist Ella Hayashi. The second performer in chapel next week from Mrs. Tait’s class will be Luke Friswell, whose poem included a bit of Latin.

Luke and Ella will be two of eight finalists next week, and will present their pieces alongside the two finalists from each of the other three communication skills classes in chapel on Thursday. The recitations begin at 2:15 pm and the students will perform for all of their fellow Middle School students.


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