Middle School Raises Funds for Mexico

Service at SMUS is still going strong, as both Middle and Senior Schools are working on important initiatives. This week, the Middle School held a fundraiser luncheon for Tlamacazapa, one of the largest indigenous villages in Mexico.

Tlamacazapa is an impoverished community of 6200 people facing a dire shortage of clean drinking water. The Middle School students set up the library for the event and served the food, which was donated by students and by Sodexho Food Services. There wasn’t an empty seat as parents and students enjoyed tacos, juices and cookies while watching a slideshow of pictures from the village.

The funds from both the luncheon and the sale of beaded jewellery made by the students will be directed to the village through Working with Walking Together for Health and Development, a group dedicated to development in Tlama. They will use the money to continue an education programme in the community, where some of the 400 students who can’t afford school are tutored by seven young volunteers. Last year, 45 students participated and this fall 80 students will take part.

Tlama was also the focus of an international Mexico-Canada exhibition, a tour of artwork from four Canadian and Mexican artists who produced a series of paintings and etchings based on Tlamacazapa. The “Reweaving a Life” Art Project portrays the lives of the Nahua women weavers and had engagements through Mexico and Canada.

Currently, the Middle School is also seeking donations for their Winter Warmth Drive, a programme run in conjunction with The Mustard Seed that collects blankets, coats and other winter gear for the disadvantaged in our community. They are accepting donations until December 13 which can be dropped off at the Middle School foyer.

At the Senior School, the Library Council will be selling donated books to raise funds for a school in South Africa. The sale will run from November 14-16, from 12:00-1:00 p.m. and 3:15-4:30 p.m. in the Senior School Library.


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