SMUS Gets Dramatic

Last week was the first Drama Night of the year, a night when any student can sign up to put on any kind of performance for their classmates. Anything from dramatic monologues to wacky, self-written skits are welcome, and everyone is encouraged to participate regardless of experience.

Jayne Hammond, who organized the event, reviews the evening.

The first drama night in two years turned out to be a huge success, though only five groups performed. Terra Barnes and Charlotte McGee, as emcees, carried the night flawlessly from dramatic to comedic and then back again with their corny, yet somehow hilarious jokes.

Paul Davison and Josh Evans started off the night with a scene from the upcoming production of Goodnight Desdemona (Good Morning, Juliet) with Josh playing Othello and Paul, Iago. Brian Christiansen and Lachlan Glen followed up with a sidesplitting parody of a scene from the most recent Star Wars film. Brian and Lachlan (or, should I say, Obi Wan Kenobe and Anikin Skywalker) fought an epic battle in housecoats, aided by their trusty, battery-powered lightsabres.

The mood was then changed by Morgan Pudwell, who performed a riveting dramatic monologue from the play Equus. Once again, the mood was completely changed when, halfway through the night, an improvisational game of ‘freeze’ was introduced. Anyone was welcome to participate, and those who weren’t acting were frantically shouting at those on stage.

The audience witnessed spontaneous, one-time-only scenes including Oliver Brooks being dragged into a stranger’s van, Josh Evans as a disturbed child, drinking imaginary coffee in a child-size cage, Vicky Kerr loping around a designer photoshoot as a pet monkey, and many others.

After the game was brought to a close, Liz Guilbault and Gillian Harper performed another scene from Goodnight Desdemona (Good Morning, Juliet), with Gillian as the passionate and unreasonable Juliet, and Liz as Constance, the object of Gillian’s fickle desire.

The final scene was a brilliantly executed Monty Python skit, put together by William Jevne, Oliver Brooks, Zac Benloulou and Scott Dallen. Immaculate British accents, costumes, set and comedic timing made this scene a great finale to a successful night.


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