SMUS Haunted by Halloween

All three schools celebrated Halloween today with food and festivities. As usual, there were many elaborate and creative costumes on students of all ages and our staff made an excellent effort as well.

Over at the Junior School, the Grade 5 students took charge of the day by creating a haunted house and running an afternoon programme for their younger school mates. The afternoon included a song performed by the sign language club, a reader’s theatre and an all-school parade. There were prizes for the best costumes and then each class got to do some special Halloween activities together.

This year, the Middle School chose to do a costume fashion show after their cross-campus parade. They also had a costume contest, which had five categories: Best Group, Most Original, Funniest, Most Scary and Teacher Costumes. The winners in each category were rewarded with a bag of candy (to fuel their trick-or-treating later).

The Senior School also got into the spirit of things by having their first costume parade early this morning. At lunch hour, the students had a bake sale as well as a ton of activities, including worm-bobbing, candy scramble, and, as a tribute to their Head of School, a game of Pin the Tie on Bobby Snowden. The fun and games were also a fundraiser for Operation Eyesight.

Of course, classes also went on, though a few incorporated the season into the lesson plans. This year’s Hinton Chair Benson Young blew up Jack-o-lanterns for his chemistry classes, using dry ice and an empty water bottle.


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