SMUS Opens up for Open House

Last Friday, staff and students welcomed 113 families to the campus for Open House, an annual event where parents, students, alumni and community members are invited onto all three campuses. During the day, children and parents enjoyed guided tours, coffee with faculty and staff, and an opportunity to ask about anything to do with SMUS.

“It was the largest turnout we’ve ever had,” says Director of Senior School Kath Roth. “It was a very successful day.” A large part of the success had to do with 100 students from all three schools volunteering to be ambassadors. At Middle and Senior School, students spent their class spares greeting people at the gate and taking them on tailored campus tours.

At Junior School, visitors were met both by students and members of the Welcome Committee, made up of current Junior School parents. “We were delighted to meet many new families as they came to inquire for future school years,” says Kathleen Cook, a Grade 5 teacher. All of the Grade 5 students took on the roles of ambassadors, providing guests with refreshments and tours.

“Many of the families commented on how wonderful their tour guides were and what positive ambassadors they are for our school,” says Sue Saunders, Director of Admissions. Senior students Dani Ward and Samantha Lee trained the Grade 11 and 12 ambassadors, who then trained students from the Middle School to lead school tours.

The tour guides were matched up with inquiring students their own age and with similar interests, so each tour was different. Along the way, students shared both the history of SMUS and its future, pointing out work on the new athletic complex, which will feature squash courts and a pool.

The students also created many displays highlighting their favourite programmes and activities at SMUS, including athletics, music, theatre, spirituality and languages. At Junior School, students decorated the walls with their own artwork.

All three schools will be welcoming guests once again in mid-November, for an information evening.

Dates for Information Evenings for Prospective Families

Senior School: Tuesday, November 13
Middle School: Wednesday, November 14
Junior School: Thursday, November 15


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