Boarders Soar and Score

This was a busy weekend for the boarding community as they held their second activity weekend of the school year. On Saturday, our boarders had an opportunity to go zip-lining or visit the Titanic exhibit at the Royal BC Museum. Sunday afternoon, they enjoyed soccer as part of the House Games.

Around 30 boarders took part in Saturday’s zip-lining activity at Zipwest in nearby Sooke. Zip-lining involves gliding along a suspended steel cable, using a pulley and climbing harness, usually suspended above breath-taking natural environments.

The trip featured eight zip-line crossings, spread out over 100 acres of temperate coastal forest. The zip-lines ranged from 150 to 1000 feet in length and were between 60 and 125 feet off the ground.

Sunday, boys and girls donned their house shirts (or at least their house colour) to play short games of soccer and compete for house points, which determine who is awarded the illustrious house trophy at the end of the year. The heads of houses organized teams of 11 players with rotation, so everyone had equal time in play.

Winslow came in first among the girls’ houses, winning 30 points. Symons took second for 20 points and Timmis earned 10 for third. The boys were forced to split all 60 points evenly after all their games ended in ties.

After house games, Symons is leading the girls’ houses with 70 points, followed by Winslow with 60 and Timmis with 50. Harvey house is maintaining their lead with 70 points, followed by Bolton and Barnacle. The next games will be on Sunday, October 28 and students will be battling for points in dodgeball.


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