Universities of the World Come to SMUS


For the past few weeks, SMUS has had even more going on during lunchtime than usual, as universities from around the world are paying visits to our campus. The presenters come to both inform and attract the SMUS student populous about what their institution has to offer. Last week, the University of British Columbia came to campus. The week before, SMUS welcomed Yale University and Queen’s University.

One of the big questions for SMUS students is how their Advanced Placement courses will transfer over. SMUS offers 20 subjects in AP and if students do well on the AP exams, they receive university course credit from institutions such as the University of Victoria. Other concerns are athletic options, campus culture as well as opportunities for travel and graduate studies.

Over the past two years, SMUS has hosted around 60 universities. International guests of SMUS have included the University of Edinburgh, University of Nottingham and St. Andrews University. For the United States, SMUS has received visitors from St. Lawrence University, Ryerson University, Vassar College and Johns Hopkins University as well as hosted the Ivy League Forum. Canadian universities such as McGill University, University of Guelph, University of Toronto, University of Alberta and the Art Institute of Vancouver have called on SMUS as well.

Next week, Northeastern University, Colgate University, University of Southern California and the University of Miami will be on campus. In preparation for their university applications, many students will be participating in the SAT preparation courses over the next few weeks at SMUS. Most universities from the United States place considerable value on the results of this reasoning test.


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