Grade 5 Students Take the Lead at Junior School

Wednesday was a special assembly for this year’s Grade 5 students, as they officially became the leaders of Junior School. The students each read a short speech on what they considered leadership to be and how they planned on fulfilling their responsibilities to their younger classmates.

“I am looking forward to having responsibility,” says Arthur Bodine II. With their new status, the Grade 5 students will take on the roles of computer lab and library monitors as well as crossing guards. They are also in charge of looking after the younger students in many ways.

“Being a Grade 5 leader is more than helping younger students, it’s being a role model,” says Sophia Samson. Many of the Grade 5 students are already setting examples for at least one student through the buddy programme, which matches them with younger students.

“These children look forward to being Grade 5 students,” says Director Nancy Richards. “They look up to them.” Among the things the new students leaders are looking forward to are wearing blazers and being remembered by the students they’ll help take care of. At the end of the assembly, Head of School Bob Snowden shook hands with each student and presented them with a pin of the SMUS crest to add to their blazers.

“You get so many opportunities to show your passion for the school,” says Rebecca Bosworth. The Junior School leaders will get to show their love of SMUS next Friday, when they act as ambassadors at the Open House.


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