Studio Art Students Study Blackwood's Colours

The Advanced Placement Studio Art class took a tour of Canadian artist David Blackwood’s latest exhibit at the Winchester Galleries. Students examined the use of lines, colour and form, while taking sketches and notes for their trip assignment.

“Part of the requirement of the AP curriculum in Studio Art is that students have some knowledge of historical and contemporary art movements,” says Anna Forbes, head of the Art department.

For Mr. Blackwood, previously renowned for his intaglio prints, this exhibit was his first using watercolour. With both new and old works on display, the 23 students were able to examine how Mr. Blackwood’s individual style carried over into a different medium and subject matter.

“David Blackwood was picked because of the fact that he is experimenting with a new technique; having established an international reputation as a printmaker, he has been brave enough to venture into new territory,” says Ms. Forbes. 

While out in Victoria’s Oak Bay district, the students visited nearby Avenue Gallery, where they examined work of several artists, including sculpture and mixed-medium works.

“It is an expectation that they visit local galleries to gain awareness of what is taking place in their own community,” says Ms. Forbes. “Exposure to art is a key component of all visual art training, but it is particularly necessary for the AP students, all of whom are trying to find their own artistic voice.”

Studio Art is one of four new Advanced Placement subjects at SMUS this year. Recent graduate Emma May ’07, with the support of art instructor Anna Forbes and fellow student Diandra Barsalou, proposed the addition of the course before heading off to the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design.


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