Cops for Cancer Tour Through SMUS

On Thursday morning, 800 SMUS students and 100 SMUS staff lined the driveway to the Richmond campus, anticipating the arrival of 26 riders from 10th annual Tour de Rock, a Cops for Cancer event. The tour takes place each fall on Vancouver Island and RCMP, municipal and military police officers cycle the island to raise funds for paediatric cancer research and kids’ programs.

Wednesday morning, Grade 11 student Taylor Moon spoke to Middle and Senior School students about her experience with cancer and with the Tour de Rock, of which she is an honorary Junior member. Taylor stood with her team around the stage of the Christine Duke Theatre, as Director of Service Kevin Cook kicked off the morning’s events.

Constable Rich Bloom presented Mr. Cook with a plaque commemorating his efforts and support. Rider Mike Ravenhill shared the story of how head-shaving for cancer began, which was with a little boy, bald from cancer, and a police officer, bald from nature, who took the boy for a ride to cheer him up after he had been teased. When they arrived at the station, someone wanted a photo of the boy and several other officers wanted to be in the picture. But the little boy said they couldn’t, because they weren’t bald. So, the officers went out and shaved their heads so they could be in the photo.

The SMUS students’ combined efforts have raised almost $10,000 for cancer research and the Tour de Rock has taken in over $500,000 to date. Last year, the BC tour generated more than $2.7 million.


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