Prefects Build Pillars of Leadership

This weekend was the first SMUS prefect retreat. The 20 members of the Prefect Council spent Friday and Sunday examining values, team-building and drafting their credo.

“Prefects are ambassadors,” says Ms. Kath Roth, Director of Senior School. “They’re role models for younger kids and they serve the school.” Prefects are leaders within the student body, voted in by staff and students. The Prefect Council is the highest leadership council at the school and includes the six heads of house from boarding as well as the head boy and head girl.

The retreat was created both in support of the leadership initiative at SMUS and in support of the students who become prefects. Ms. Roth and others wanted to guide and assist the prefects in taking on this important role.

The retreat focused on how to be a leader at the school and how to fulfill the role of a prefect. The prefects discussed how they implement the four pillars of leadership at SMUS, which are respect, honesty, service and courage. “What does a prefect do to demonstrate courage?” Ms. Roth asked the students. “What does respect look like?”

Students were asked to suggest an image that would reflect the role of a prefect. Ideas included an open hand, signifying openness and offering, and an ant hill, signifying hard work. Ms. Roth brought in the image of an iceberg to demonstrate the separation of what people see from a prefect and who the prefect is. “The larger portion of leadership is character, not what you do,” says Ms. Roth.

In Monday’s assembly, the prefects will present and sign the final draft of their credo and receive their prefect ties.


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