Teamwork Triumphs Over Alligator at Junior School

Mr. Bob Snowden, Head of School, made a special appearance in Junior School’s assembly this Monday. Though Mr Snowden visits the Junior School every Monday, this time he put on an interesting and educational performance.

First, he asked the children what they thought his job was. Students guessed it involved going to lots of meetings and giving out lots of papers. He explained that people within the school often bring him issues that they cannot solve themselves and he helps them find solutions, often through other team members at SMUS.

To illustrate the importance of teamwork, he took off his tie and lay down on the floor, with the tie next to him. He declared the tie was an alligator, and he needed help getting over it. Then he called a series of students to come help, starting with two Kindergarten students and ending with two Grade 5 students. Finally, they were able to lift him over the alligator.

Mr. Snowden then reminded students that they can always ask for assistance, from teachers or students of any age. “Everyone has a role to play in this community,” Mr. Snowden stresses.

At the Junior School Parent Information meeting on Wednesday evening, teamwork was emphasized again by both Mr. Snowden and Heather Kohler of Parents’ Auxiliary. After meeting the faculty, parents were encouraged to be part of the SMUS team.

When not narrowly escaping alligator attacks, Mr. Snowden can be found escorting Junior School students through the crosswalk with Ms. Richards on Wednesdays.


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