SMUS Students Traverse Air, Land and Sea

Last week, the Grade 10 students ventured out of the classroom and took part in some of the many adventure opportunities Vancouver Island has to offer. The 140 students, led by 24 Grade 12 student leaders and adult guides, enjoyed activities such as sailing, hiking and rock climbing.

Students each chose one trip out of a possible 12. They could sail in a programme put on by Sail and Life Training Society (SALTS), work towards their Open Water Diving Certification through the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) or tackle “the Island Sampler,” which includes surfing, kayaking, and camping. White-water kayaking, fly-fishing, canoe tripping, surfing and hiking were other available choices.

The canoe trip took place in Metchosin and scuba diving was held at Ogden Point. Fly-fishers and kayakers travelled to Elk and Beaver Lake, while hikers challenged the Elk River Trail.

The trips also provided the Grade 12 guides with valuable leadership experience. The Grade 12 students, who are finishing their outdoor leadership course, helped prepare for the trips and aided the adult guides during the five-day excursions. “These trips give the Grade 12 students a chance to practice their leadership skills in a real environment, says Outdoor Education instructor Craig Farish. “We’d be hard-pressed to do the trips without them.”

Students that missed the chance to do their favourite activity will likely get a second chance. Many of the programmes will be offered in a more intensive weekend format during the school year.


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