Old SMUS Computers Retire Abroad

New students aren’t the only arrivals to SMUS this year. Once again, the SMUS IT team has spent their summer setting up new computers and packing up old ones. There are over 600 computers at SMUS, and they are replaced after four years. This summer roughly 150 computers were retired from SMUS. But where are they going?

Last year, SMUS began a partnership with the International Computer Development Association Network, an organization that ships old computers to Kenya. As part of Computers for Kenya, SMUS donated 45 computers last year and 60 this past summer.

Usually, organizations like this one have to refurbish old computers, which can mean taking usable parts from two or three computers to make one working computer. SMUS computers are usually ready to go.

“99% of our computers are fully-functioning when they’re donated,” says Rob Przybylski of Computer Services. In the past, SMUS sold old computers to students and staff. SMUS has also donated computers to Victoria Film School, seniors’ homes and other independent schools.

SMUS still makes old computers available for students and staff. “Any staff or student who asks for one, will get one,” says Mr. Przybylski, now in his eleventh year at SMUS. Just this August, BC launched an electronics recycling program to deal with the growing problem of electronic waste, some of which has been shipped to developing nations as waste.


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