Music Brings its Own Awards

SMUS Seniors Jayne Hammond and Charlotte McGee were happy to be runners-up in the second annual Teen Arts Competition, put on by the Vancouver Island Arts Festivals Society. The girls entered the contest on a bit of a whim, after an entry form was passed on to them by Mrs. Forbes and Ms. Williams, and they ended up taking second place.

“They said ‘You should do this’,” says Charlotte. “So we did.” The girls won $100 (first prize was $250 and a recording session), which they invested promptly back into the music industry by buying a pair of concert tickets.

Their prize-winning entry was a song about young relationships. “It’s about people who say ‘I love you’ when they don’t really understand what it means,” says Jayne. “It’s about how weird relationships are when you’re young and how people take them so seriously.”

“We both write songs on our own, then we play them for each other and the other person adds something,” explains Jayne. For their award-winning song, Jayne wrote the lyrics and music while Charlotte wrote her own accompanying guitar part.

This week, the girls performed “Ashes (A Love Song)” at the year’s first acoustic lunch-time concert. Charlotte says such student-run events are “another way to bring the music into the SMUS community.” Both girls, who have performed many times over their years at SMUS, are excited to make room for other potential performers. “It helps people get experience performing,” says Charlotte. Grade 9 students Brian Christensen and Chris Madsen played four songs at the concert, one an original song penned by Brian.


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