Boarders Aren't Bored With Intramurals

This was the first week of intramurals, a set of after-school activities primarily for boarders. A huge range of activities are on the schedule for the first term of the school year.

For students looking to relax and reduce stress, yoga is being offered for all experience levels. Those looking for something with a little rhythm can try salsa or hip hop dancing. Salsa dancing offers students a chance to learn a few steps and take in a little culture while hip hop offers some great music and solo moves.

Rock-climbing and sports lovers of any ability can indulge in soccer Mondays and Wednesdays or hit the tennis courts, where they can play singles or doubles and work on their serve. Young golf enthusiasts can catch a bus to the driving range twice a week. The Gordon Head Recreation Centre hosts SMUS swimmers and weight-lifters.

Intramurals are run by Wendy Shergold, the Assistant to the Director of Athletics and Bolton House Parent. In January, a new bunch of fun and physical activities will begin.


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